Leicester 2015-16

The Parent Agency by David Baddiel

The Disappearance of Tom Pile by Ian Beck

Petunia Perry and the Curse of the Ugly Pigeon by Pamela Butchart

PIG and the Big Quiz by Barbara Catchpole

At the Worlds End by Catherine Fisher

The Amazing Tale of Ali Pasha by Michael Foreman

Brain Twisters by Clive Gifford

Extra Time by Morris Gleitzman

True Grit by Bear Grylls

Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen

My Life as an Alphabet by Barry Jonsberg

How to Speak Spook by Ally Kennen

Gorilla Dawn by Gill Lewis

Catching Falling Stars by Karen McCombie

The Boy with 2 Heads by Andy Mulligan

Joe All Alone by Joanna Nadin

Northern Lights Vol. 1 by Philip Pulman

My Brother is a Superhero by David Solomons

Operation Code-Cracker by John Townsend

Dandelion Clocks by Rebecca Westcott