On this page you will find different activities related to Reading Rampage that will be shared in school, plus a couple of extras.


Challenge 1: We love to see what you are reading - why not take and share a reading selfie #ReadingRampage2024 #ReadingSelfie

Challenge 2: Can you create a new book cover for one of the #ReadingRampage2024 books? Share your designs with us to win!

Challenge 3: Can you create a bookmark based on this year's #ReadingRampage2024 books? Share your designs with us.

Challenge 4: Find out five facts about the #ReadingRampage2024 book you are reading or have just finished and share the facts with us. These facts could be about the book, author or setting.

Challenge 5: Are you an EXTREME reader? We are challenging pupils and staff to share pics in the strangest and most entertaining locations whilst reading one of this year's #ReadingRampage2024 books 

Challenge 6:  Can you review the books you've read during #ReadingRampage2024 in 280 characters or less?

Challenge 7: Can you complete all 10 wordsearches for all of this year's #ReadingRampage2024 book?

Challenge 8: Create a book trailer for one of this year's #ReadingRampage2024 books and share it with us.

Challenge 9: Can you create a Book in a Jar for one of the #ReadingRampage2024 books? Share your designs with us.

Challenge 10: How many of the #ReadingRampage2024 challenges have you completed?

Click the images below to download the resources to help you complete the challenges. Share your completed designs with us @ReadingRampage_ #ReadingRampage2024

Individual wordsearches for each Reading Rampage 2024 book

Students can print off individual wordsearches for each of the Reading Rampage books to complete. Once completed, share with your teachers and with us on Twitter @ReadingRampage_ #ReadingRampage2024

Bad Influence

Bite Risk


Finn Jones Was Here

Glow Up Lara Bloom

Hetty and the Battle of the Books

Kofi and the Rap Battle Summer

Safiyyah's War

The House Trap

The Piano at the Station