Selection of resources for Reading Rampage 2019-20

Launch Event

Booktalking Notes

Launch Event Presentation

Planning Calendar 2020

Planning Calendar Example

Labels (Avery L7161)

Promotional Materials

Leaflet for students

 A4 Poster

 A3 Poster


 Judging Criteria 

Judging Criteria - Staff

Judging Criteria - Students


Reading Rampage Resources 

Reading Rampage Video (YouTube) - Launch Clip

Reading Rampage Video (YouTube) - Full Version

Reading Rampage Video (YouTube) - Book Info

Our YouTube Channel can be accessed by clicking here - we are uploading all the video clips here. A list of the links can be downloaded here

Reading Rampage Recommends

Reading Rampage Book Group Reading Notes

Reading Rampage Introducing the Authors

Assembly PowerPoint

Word Searches - to be updated

School Electronic Signage

Book Cover Posters

Challenges to win prizes.... coming soon

Challenge 1: We love to see what you are reading- why not take and share a reading selfie #ReadingRampageDoncaster #ReadingSelfie

Challenge 2: Can you create a Book in a Jar for one of the #ReadingRampageDoncaster books? Share your designs with us to win!

Challenge 3: Can you review the books you've read during #ReadingRampageDoncaster in 280 characters or less?

Challenge 4: Create a book trailer for one of this year's #ReadingRampageDoncaster books & share it with us

Challenge 5: Can you create a new book cover for one of the #ReadingRampageDoncaster books? Share your designs with us to win!

Challenge 6:  Are you an EXTREME reader? We are challenging pupils & staff to share pics in the strangest & most entertaining locations whilst reading one of this year's #ReadingRampageDoncaster books 

Challenge 7: We have used some of the books in our #ReadingRampageDoncaster video clip – can you tell us the book & author of the books used?

Challenge 8: Can you create a bookmark based on this year's #ReadingRampageDoncaster books? Share your designs with us

Challenge 9: Find out five facts about the #ReadingRampageDoncaster book you are reading or have just finished and share the facts with us. These facts could be about the book, author or setting.

Challenge 10: How many of the #ReadingRampageDoncaster challenges have you completed?